Desert Deck Express specializes in Full-Truckload shipping in the USA.

Full-Truckload shipping is best for customers with large loads – usually anywhere from 5,000-10,000 pounds in weight. It’s also the ideal solution for customers with freight whose dimensions make it difficult to ship with other loads. Plus, pricing is phenomenal when you work with DDE on Full-Truckload shipping anywhere in the US.

Fast & Reliable

Trusted by companies large and small, drivers from Desert Deck Express always get the job done and come through for you when you need them most!

Safe & Secure

When your shipment matters, it matter who you choose to carry the load for you. Go with Desert Deck Express and you’ll always get safe, secure delivery!

Trucking Options

  • Dry Van Shipping Specialists

    Desert Deck Express offers the finest dry van carrier shipping found anywhere in Texas at prices that you’ll have to see to believe. If your freight is normal packaged goods then dry van shipping is for you!

  • Removable Gooseneck Pros

    Looking to transport automobiles or heavy equipment from one place to another? Desert Deck Express can help you with Texas’ best removable gooseneck carrier freight services – all at incredibly low prices!

  • Safe & Secure Freight Delivery

    No matter what type of Full-Truckload Shipping you choose the trucking experts from Desert Deck Express will ensure it gets where it needs to go on time and at rates you’ll won’t find anywhere else!