Licensed, Insured & Bonded

At Desert Deck Express, we understand just how vital it is for customers to know they can trust us with their cargo – no matter what it happens to be. That trust starts with the knowledge that DDE comes to the job with full licensing, insurance coverage and, if necessary, bonded in an amount covering the project at hand. We know being fully certified and insured, licensed and bonded is just the start though. It’s our performance that earns trust long-term and that’s the goal with every shipping contract we sign – to earn your freight again and again!

With such a focus on earning trust with customers – not to mention freight safety and security while on the road or in the warehouse – it’s not surprising that Desert Deck Express has been recognized as a key resource for some of the biggest names in business today – in both small towns and big cities. Those are the contracts you only get with everything in order – all the I’s dotted and T’s crossed. We’ll deliver that same level of professionalism – along with full licensing and insurance coverage – for your freight when you call (432) 788-2432  today!

Types of Freight We Carry

The highly skilled and experienced logistics experts and driving professionals from Desert Deck Express excel in the safe and secure transport of all types of freight in the US. To assist customers, we’ve put together a list of general cargo we’ve dealt with but invite you to call us for specifics if you don’t see your cargo listed here. Types of cargo we ship include, but are not limited to, all of the following:

  • General Freight
  • Dry Bulk Commodities
  • Intermodal Containers
  • Building Materials
  • Motor Vehicles & Machinery
  • Agricultural Supplies

DDE Freight Services

No matter what type of freight shipments you have to complete, Desert Deck Express can help you get whatever it is where it needs to go with care, precision and skill – not to mention affordability. Check out our world-class freight services to see what best meets your specific needs and then call us for a quote with zero pressure or obligation. Services include:

The team at Desert Deck Express understands the importance that customers place on licensing and insurance coverage when working with a logistics and trucking company. That’s why we maintain all of our paperwork in good standing at all times and never come to the job without everything in order – guaranteed. Schedule a pickup of your freight today or get a quote for whatever shipping you need handled by calling (432) 788-2432  or using our contact form to get started!