Choosing A Better Trucking Company

Choosing A Better Trucking Company

When it comes to choosing a trucking company – whether you’re looking for someone to haul oilfield equipment or anything else under the sun, there’s nothing that can compare to choosing a family-owned and operated outfit that has your back throughout the haul. From the pickup location to the destination, Desert Deck Express treats our customers like they’re the fuel that makes our company go and that’s why you should consider calling our trucking team first when you need safe and secure hauling!

Desert Deck Express is more than just a logistics company. We’re a tight-knit family operation dedicated to getting the job done right so when you need us we’ll be there for you with support and assistance that the other companies just can’t match. That includes:

  • Honest Rate Quotes
  • Open Communication
  • Multiple Shipping Options
  • Owner-Operator Driver
  • Friendly, Available Team

It also includes a range of other benefits you won’t find at just any other logistics firm – no matter where it’s located in the US. These include:

  • Dedicated company attention from pickup.
  • 24/7 support that exceeds expectations.
  • Wider coverage area than the competition.
  • Greater flexibility and options to choose from.

So, why not take a chance by working with a smaller logistics firm committed to your total satisfaction – a trucking company like Desert Deck Express? It’s an excellent decision for any company to make – no matter what freight hauling company they’re using now. Learn more by reaching out to the Desert Deck Express team at (432) 788-2432  or submitting a contact form instead to get a quote from the best in the business. So don’t delay – make the right call for yourself and your freight today!