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From the beginning, our only focus has been safe and secure freight delivery.

With excellent prices and a track record of safe operations, Desert Deck Express is the perfect partner for your Texas freight shipping needs – large or small.

Our helpful staff will work closely with you to find the ideal shipping options and timelines to ensure your freight gets where it needs to be on time.



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Desert Deck Express is more than a trusted freight shipping partner to companies large and small – we’re a leader in value throughout the industry. We’ve built that solid reputation through an impactful sales approach and world-class customer service from the first call to final delivery of your freight.

Long-Haul Freight

DDE takes freight the long distances it needs to go in safety and security.

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Have a few pallets to ship? Go with Less-Than-Truckload.

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Don’t need a full truck? Then choose from our Partial Truck Load packages.

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Get service details and pricing info for our Full Truck Load packages.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Desert Deck Express ships freight all across the US with our Long-Haul Trucking service. We’re licensed for interstate and intrastate trucking and offer service at prices that are tough to beat in the industry.

We offer two equally attractive options for you to make the connection. First, you submit a quote form through this site and we’ll contact you with a quote. Second, you can call us directly and we’ll give you a quote over the phone.

Desert Deck Express uses multiple factors to arrive at your final shipping cost. These include the shipment’s origin, its final destination, its weight and dimensions and any safety protocols that must be in place to carry it safely.

Yes, they expire after 24 hours. While we would love to provide quotes that were evergreen and valid forever, shipping costs are intimately tied to fuel costs and market swings that we have no control over and change quickly.

Yes, they most certainly are. When we provide a quote for freight shipping we’re doing so based on the weight you provide. If there is a discrepancy at pickup a billing adjustment will have to be issued and accepted prior to delivery.

Yes, it is but only with carrier liability insurance. This covers a specific amount per pound of weight and will not cover the total costs of most freight shipments. That’s why we offer supplemental freight insurance too.

This all depends on multiple factors that will be worked out with you during the initial quote and will include pickup location, delivery destination, specific service options included in contract and weather in the area during delivery.


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Desert Deck Express is a family-owned and operated trucking company offering exceptional service and dependable deliveries for freight customers all across the United States. Our trucking team is always ready to assist you with reliable timetables and low, low rates.


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